Are you having troubles organizing your volunteers schedule?

BénévolesThen we have something that could interest you. Our tool, Volunteo, is an intuitive product that will help you manage and organize your volunteers before, during and after your event.

Volunteo solves a problem that many of us face. Even if you manage to get the details, availability and wishes of the volunteers, you need to create schedules for different positions, making sure to meet the constraints and preferences specific to each person.

The default solution to use a simple Excel spreadsheet may be suitable at the beginning, when you have twenty people to manage, but the table size grows exponentially with your event, not only the number of volunteers (more rows in your table), but the number of teams and positions to fill (table columns), it becomes unmanageable: if you can only indicate the involvement of a volunteer for a position, you are missing most often a lot of information, such as time of attendance at this position, for example.

Also, how to control that you do not assign the same person in two places at the same time?

What seemed a simple solution to start quickly becomes a document difficult to operate, and is often opaque to most people involved in the organization of the event. Only the person who set the table in place masters its use, thereby making it impossible to share tasks in the organization of different teams.

Our tool offers to solve all these problems in a simple way, with firstly some advantages:

  • No computer knowledge is required, the installation is very simple
  • The organization schedules can easily be shared among the leaders
  • The data is backed up daily, to avoid any loss of information
  • Volunteers enroll independently, significantly reducing the initial work of officials

Simple Operation

Our tool takes the form of a website (accessible from any device connected to the Internet, without installing any software) on which the organizers and volunteers sign up.

The event organizer just has to create volunteer teams and fill them by picking among available volunteers. The system automatically checks that they are available in the selected time slot, interested in this team and not already assigned to another position at that time. This work can be delegated to teams managers, with a very simple rights management system.

Volunteers receive notifications by e-mail for their assignments and can always check their schedule and contact their managers if needed.

Welcome to Volunteo

As we have said, Volunteo is useful for all organizers of events or festivals which need to manage volunteers. We opened the website a few months ago, please feel free to send us your comments!

Picture credit : judyboo

2 thoughts on “Are you having troubles organizing your volunteers schedule?

  1. Timothée


    Excellente idée que cet outil destiné à faciliter la gestion des bénévoles lors d’un événement.
    Je trouve néanmoins que l’outil DEMO est déjà trop rempli, ce qui en complique la compréhension. Peut-être qu’un tutoriel interactif serait plus parlant.

    Bon courage pour le développement

    1. Anthony Post author


      Effectivement nous allons mettre en place un tutoriel lors de l’inscription sur le site, en revanche la démo permet d’avoir rapidement un aperçu du fonctionnement du site.


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